J.L. Raymaakers & Sons, Inc. and Roar Inc.

John Sr has begun to private label grass seed just as a starting point. There are a lot of good ideas about this private label that will continue to grow as the seasons progress.

J.R.’s PURE products

New England Mix Grass Seed

5 lb bag
10 lb bag
50 lb bag

Drought and Heat Grass Seed

5 lb bag
10 lb bag
50 lb bag

Additional Landscape Products

50 lb Lime
20 lb Crabgrass Prevention (Step 1)
40 lb Crabgrass Prevention (Step 1)
20 lb Weed & Feed (Step 2)
40 lb Weed & Feed (Step 2)
20 lb Fertilizer (Step 3) 
40 lb Fertilizer (Step 3)
20 lb Seed Starter (Step 4) 
40 lb Seed Starter (Step 4) 
Straw Blanket (8×12.5)

Lucerne Farms

Bale Premium Ground Cover

All Products are subject to Mass State Sales Tax. Pricing subject to change without notice.